Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the most stylish American celebrities. Much of the credit goes to the Sex and the City series, where she played the role of Carrie and wore outfits composed of designer clothing such as Chanel or Dior, as well as obligatory shoes from Manolo Blahnik.

1. Don’t be afraid of bling

Sarah loves jewelry! Usually, she chooses eye-catching jewelry from top designers- made with colorful, sparkling and glamorous gems. Even if your lip-shaped necklace may seem a bit kitschy, Sarah can match it to an outfit and make it look like a small piece of art.

Sarah often chooses gold, diamonds, and pearls. She likes the types of necklaces, earrings, and rings that a queen herself wouldn’t feel ashamed to wear. However, be aware that when you decide to wear a large, eye-catching ring, you no longer need to pair it with a colorful manicure.

2. Fall in love with high heels

Carrie Bradshaw would even wear high heels just to pop to the store. Although Sarah has repeatedly pointed out that she differs from Miss Bradshaw, personally she also doesn’t deny herself high-heeled and often extravagant shoes. Pink, green, embroidered with sequins or decorated with a lightning pattern – the snazzier the heels, the better! High heels in Sarah’s style are ones that certainly attract attention.

3. Go for a girly, natural style

Sarah Jessica Parker is 48 years old, and yet she always appears youthful. This isn’t only due to her good genes but also the outfits she wears. Airy dresses, pastel colors and playful jewelry can deduct a few years away. Ombre hair colors can also give a youthful effect – this method of dyeing hair brightens the face and makes it appear radiant.

Also, pay attention to her make-up – a bright lip gloss and nicely highlighted eyes are a recipe for a make-up look straight from the series of <i>Sex in the City</i>! Of course, Sarah also owes her youthful appearance to a magnificent body and a radiant smile that rarely ever disappears from her lips. It’s because of her smile that she’s considered one of the nicest and most charming celebrities!

4. Clothing pieces do not need to match perfectly

A pink dress, a studded jacket, plus dotted tights? Why not! Sarah is not afraid of risky combinations. She has a perfect sense of style, which means that even items that seemingly do not match, look like a perfectly composed outfit!

You too, shouldn’t feel afraid of risky outfit combinations. Rocker chic style takes on a completely new character when you tone it down with a delicate dress, or a formal white shirt, for example. It also works similarly the other way around – even ordinary jeans can look great if you combine them with unique high heels and eye-catching accessories.

5. A top knot bun always works

Sarah chooses the timeless hair bun for important outings. How to create this look? Tease your hair and tie it into a high ponytail. Then, create more volume (you can use special hair products for this, or tease them using a brush). Putting your hair into a braid is also a good idea. Then wrap your hair around the ponytail base and secure it firmly using bobby pins. Don’t forget to further secure everything into place by using an extra-strength hair spray!

This hairstyle adds a hint of elegance to every woman and makes the eyes appear bigger. Although the bun is often associated with lavishness, it is also suitable for everyday wear. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at Sarah – did she ever look bad in a bun?

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